Personal Hydration Duffel

Every Athlete needs a PHD for Hydration and Organization

Stay Hydrated: Why proper hydration is so important

Be Organized



Typical Football Players

These are two young football players trying to keep their gear and water jug together while getting to the practice field.


PHD Football Players

These two athletes are using their Personal Hydration Duffel (PHD) Bags keeping their equipment and water jug completely organized while also having a hand-free using the shoulder strap.


All Sport PHD




Outside of the main gym. Watch out for spilled water and rolling Basketball.


Everything Self Contained

This is a typical All Sport PHD being used for Basketball.


Confident that my son has enough water to last the whole practice. He hasn't lost an item yet this year thanks to his PHD helping him stay organized

Football Team Mom

Single Greatest Hydration bag. Keeps all my athletes hydrated and organized. My sidelines have never been so clean.

Youth Football League President

No more Basketballs rolling around or getting lost. Love the self contained 1/2 Gallon Jug. Wow what a product, a must have for any team.

Basketball Head Coach

Experts in the Field

Young athletes may not think dehydration will ever happen to them, but it can—and if it does, parents, coaches and athletes better know what to do about it.

Kendrick Fincher Hydration for Life

Hydration: Monitoring hydration status before, during and after exercise is essential for both performance and safety during physical activity.  

Korey Stringer Institute

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Our 1st Customer without his PHD